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How do I find my way about?

Each boat is equipped with a map of the Broads, and the rivers are signposted just like the roads. Unlike the roads you steer on the right-hand side of the rivers, observing the 4 mph speed limits and giving way to sail. You will be given ample instruction before you depart.

Where can I find Fuel?
Your boat will come with more than enough fuel for your day's outing.

Why doesn't the boat go faster than 4 mph?
The Broads Authority bye laws set speed limits for the Broads. This is to prevent the wash from speeding boats destroying the river banks and thus preserving them for generations to come. Norfolk's abundant wildlife is also distressed by speeding boats, and their occupants miss nature's wonders. Fines for speeding on the Broads can be as high as 2000, so the boats are restricted in speed for your safety and enjoyment.

What is included in the hire charge?
The hire cost includes the use of the boat, fuel, insurance, life jackets, VAT and parking. The hirer is responsible for any mooring fees. (Most mooring on the Broads is free, but there are a few places that make a small charge for mooring)

What if we have a breakdown?
In the unlikely event of breaking down, if you are near a telephone or have a mobile phone, just call the boatyard and somebody will be with you as soon as possible. If you are on the open river or Broad, hail a passing boat (there will be plenty) and ask them to pass a message to the boatyard, you will find that people are only too willing to help another boat in distress. Above all stay with the boat.

When is the latest we can return?
The yard closes at 5pm in the evening and all boats must be back by then. The Broads Authority bye laws do not allow hire boats to navigate after dusk.

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